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Triangle Motel progress report

I received a progress report a few days ago from Marianne McNeil Logan, secretary for the effort to restore the formerly long-neglected Triangle Motel on Route 66 in east Amarillo, Texas.

The motel has received its Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program cost-share grant and underwent an engineer’s inspection. Logan wrote:

Two contractors’ bids are now at NPS for the 106 Section Review, or the SHPO [state historical preservation office]. This is NPS’s second priority. At its completion, the contractor selected will approach the City of Amarillo for permits to enclose the motel, and the construction can begin on the restoration of this historical motel–one of the last, and definitely one of the finest with its gracious art moderne design with antique charm … Kaisa assured us that “We should have the go-ahead from SHPO no later than mid January (assuming that the SHPO has no problems with the Dura-Last roofing material). The chosen contractor can get started on the roof after SHPO gives their clearances.” […]

If you know of individuals who might be interested in helping financially, or deadlines where we could submit applications for grants that would help on the restoration of the Triangle Motel, please contact me. Thank you for your consideration, time and patience.

The Triangle’s Web site is here.


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  1. DynoDave

    Wow. I had book marked this places website quite a while back, then lost it somehow. A month or so ago I was looking for it, but couldn’t come up with it. I was wondering what had come of the project. Thanks for the update.

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