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A look at Motel Safari’s upcoming sign

Richard Talley, owner of the Motel Safari in Tucumcari, N.M., sent me a draft of his new neon sign that will go up in a few months.

An artists rendering of a proposal for the Motel Safaris neon sign.

An artist's rendering of a proposal for the Motel Safari's neon sign.

Talley wrote:

The final version, will have some slight modifications or changes to it, but kept as a closely guarded secret, until completed and a surprise for everyone! […]

As with everything, we can’t please everyone, but this will be of authentic architectural style. It will be a vast improvement over the original sign’s versionĀ as well, as the orignal sign never even had neon. This one will be both in neon and animated with motion. […]

The Camel will be completely outlined with neon, camel, saddle, rider and all – and the camel’s legs will be walking – in motion at night!!! […]

The Motel Safari section will also be outlined in neon, and the Smalltown America logo underlined in neon. If we can swing it in the budget, along with finishing all of our other renovation projects, we’re looking at adding neon to the building perimeters as well.

Talley has made a lot of improvements on the property, including these murals.


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