Route 66 News

Only in America

Here’s a letter to the editor by Larry Matulich, which was printed in the Marysville (Calif.) Appeal-Democrat:

Is there still a Ford in America’s future? Not only is the question for one American car company, it goes for GM and Chrysler too.

The future of American truck and car brands like Ford, Chevy and Dodge, and many others, now really rest in the buying decisions made by U.S. consumers in 2009. And not what the politicians decide in Washington, D.C., on a big loan for the big three automakers.

Personally I still drive an Oldsmobile, a great GM car, that is still going strong with over 200,000 miles on it. With the price of gas under $2, now is the best time in a generation to buy that bigger American-made vehicle and hit the road for a trip. I just returned from a 6,000-mile trip over the old Route 66 route to the Midwest. It is great time to see our beautiful country, and to keep these American companies in business.

Remember in World War II it was Ford that built the planes for us that won the war, and it was Mitsubishi that built the planes for Japan’s war effort. Support America now. Buy American.