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Update on Bristow Motor Co. fire

A month ago, a fire that started in the repair-shop area of Bolin Ford in Bristow, Okla., was believed to have destroyed the historic Bristow Motor Co. building that was part of the complex.

For reasons that are too boring to recount here, I wasn’t able to check the scene until Sunday. What I saw was not nearly as grave as I anticipated.

For certain, the fire destroyed the hangar-shaped maintenance building, as you can see here. Even part of the big Ford sign was discolored by the intense heat:

But the two architecturally distinctive parts of the building, including one on the corner that was built in 1923, appeared to have suffered minimal to no damage. I’m thinking that perhaps they were spared by a firewall:

For now-obvious reasons, I’m optimistic that much the Bristow Motor Co. building will be repaired with a minimum of fuss.


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