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Ghosts in the motel

There were some suggestions in the past that the historic Hotel Brunswick on Route 66 in Kingman, Ariz., was haunted. Debe Branning of has more specific stories about those ghostly incidents:

A previous innkeeper told the MVD Ghostchasers crew about some of the difficulties he encountered with the Brunswick ghosts after he purchased the hotel. Early on, members of his family came down to breakfast and found they had yellow marks on their necks.   They all had a good laugh about it — and the marks easily washed off.  […]

Guests have felt someone tugging on their feet or legs in the middle of the night. Women have witnessed a small child in their rooms looking for someone to play with. The previous owner told us that he often found old pennies and coins lined up in stacks along the hallways and near the bar.  He felt it was the spirits way of assuring him that prosperous times were on the way.
Recently, the new owner has had a few ghostly encounters of his own. He opened the door to the cellar and glanced down to the bottom of the stairs. He saw an outline of what looked like a man heading up the steps. He stood frozen as the spirit whisked through him and caused goose bumps to rise on his skin. He glanced again to see another ghostly outline heading his way, but quickly retreated back and firmly closed the cellar door.
As I’ve said before, I think it’s very curious marketing to be so upfront about these alleged ghost stories. But the Brunswick has been thriving for years, so who knows?

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