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Rock Cafe resurrection

Roof trusses on the Rock Cafe going up.

Roof trusses on the Rock Cafe going up.

It appears the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla., is shooting for a reopening in May — the one-year anniversary of a devastating fire that gutted the historic building.

David Burke Historic Preservation, based in Perry, Okla., is the main contractor on the reconstruction project. It has a Web page that details the ongoing work, including lots of photos and an article from the Lincoln County News. A lot has been happening at the restaurant site in recent weeks.

Rock Cafe owner Dawn Welch has posted a lot of photos on her blog, also.

Needless to say, this is really good news.

(Hat tip: Jae Davis and Linda Burke)


3 thoughts on “Rock Cafe resurrection

  1. Donna

    Great news and love the pictures. As I told Dawn on her website, I hope she keeps the “restroom wall signing” as we’ll have to make another trip out there to “sign in” again.

  2. Heather Perry

    We’ll be there for opening day! We had planned to go on our vacation last year and were so sad about the fire.

  3. Linda Burke

    I sure hope everybody does come out for the opening day. I don’t know exactly when that will be, but it will be in May. The progress on the Rock Cafe is actually ahead of schedule despite ice storms and cold weather. I’d love it if a huge turnout came in support of Dawn. This will be the only historic Rt. 66 restaurant to reopen after burning so it will be extra special. It’s coming up to ADA code but should essentially be the Rock Cafe you remember.

    See updated photos at or

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