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New Mexico lodging-tax proposal is killed

The Tourism Association of New Mexico reports that a bill in the state legislature that would have imposed a 10 percent tax on all lodging establishments, including RV parks, was tabled in committee on Wednesday night, essentially killing the measure.

The bill, SB 595, was tabled by a 4-3 vote in the state senate’s Corporations and Transportation Committee.

The measure was roundly criticized for what would have imposed a significant cost to travelers in the middle of a weak economy.

According to an e-mail from Art Bouffard of the New Mexico Lodging Association:

Thanks to TANM/NMLA’s lobbyists Nancy King and Gary Kilpatrict along with literally 100s of emails and phone calls to the committee members, we were fairly certain we had the number of votes to defeat the legislation.  However, it was important that the hearing room was packed and the pressure was kept up.  Huge thanks go to all the B&B folks that showed up and all the Asian American Hotel Owners Association innkeepers that spent two days at the state capitol.  Every corner of the state was represented.

Asian-Americans are sometimes unfairly maligned in a few quarters, but they deserve a lot of thanks for preserving numerous historic motels on Route 66. And thanks to their diligent efforts at the New Mexico Capitol, they deserve thanks yet again.

(Hat tip: Richard Talley at Smalltown America)


3 thoughts on “New Mexico lodging-tax proposal is killed

  1. Trevor Hilton

    That’s good. My wife and I were planning to visit Albuquerqe some time in the future to visit family there.

  2. traci barnes

    Great news, lodging tax singles out one industry and discriminates against them………you never hear of anyone wanting to impose special taxes on other businesses singled out, mainly because there are fewer business owners in this one category….ITS always someone not in the lodging industry that wants to impose and make more money off of our back while making it harder for us to make a living!!!!!!

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