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The Wolf rises again

The Wolf, which is the nickname for the 70-year-old grill at the Rock Cafe, is again ready to fry hamburgers and other food at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla.

You can read here on Rock Cafe owner Dawn Welch’s blog about how the grill survived the devastating May 2008 fire and how the appliance was resurrected. The restaurant is planning a Memorial Day weekend reopening.


2 thoughts on “The Wolf rises again

  1. M. T. Nester

    That would be a fantastic birthday present for a certain redhead–lunch or dinner at the Rock.

  2. Linda Burke

    It was interting to see this article plus the one about the Grapes of Wrath. Dawn tells me that the cafe in the Grapes of Wrath, where they try to buy bread for Grandma because she doesn’t have any teeth to eat a sandwich, is based on the Rock Cafe. She says if you read the passage, it’s a very good description of the Rock.

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