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Preview of mural event in Pontiac

The Route 66 town of Pontiac, Ill., is hosting a four-day mural festival in June, and the city was offered a preview earlier this week.

Jane Diaz of Diaz Sign Art showed a few artist’s renderings of the murals that will be created during the Walldogs‘ “Chief City Runs with the Dogs” event, reported the Pontiac Daily Leader.

One of the renderings included “Visit Pontiac, Illinois on Route 66,” shown above. Other drawings are supposed to be at, but the site was down as of Saturday morning.

“The sketches are just sketches and there will probably be some changes made,” said Diaz. […]

“This event is not spread out like the event in Minnesota. Our event will be held around the downtown square. We have 80 artists who have signed on to the event so far and there maybe more to come.”

The event is scheduled to take place over the June 26-29 weekend. Also slated to take place that weekend are the Hang Loose and Cruise-In car events.

According to Diaz, the Walldogs event will feature 17 murals at 16 different sites. Painting sizes will vary in size and the walls surfaces will be treated.

The Walldogs also have a blog here, where you can see the artist’s renderings and read about more details on the festival, including a map of the proposed murals.


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