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New blogs on the Blogroll

In recent weeks, I’ve taken note of promising new blogs, or blogs that I’ve overlooked, that should be good resources for the roadie in all of us.

Here are new additions to the Blogroll, located in the upper right side of the home page:

— Alan Dunn’s Mrzip66 blog, which is subtitled “Road Blogging Route 66 and Life on a Harley-Davidson.” His latest post has a bunch of photos from the Mother Road in 1991, including the historic Cool Springs Camp right before it was literally blown up for the film “Universal Soldier.” Cool Springs Camp has since been restored.

David Schwartz’s Photo Blog has a nice portrait of Bill Shea in his Route 66 gas station museum in Springfield, Ill. Schwartz also has a separate site for his fine-art photos from Route 66.

— RoadDog has been a longtime commenter on this blog. RoadDog’s Roadlog Blog not only includes trips on the Mother Road, but on other historic highways as well. He’s enough of a veteran of two-lane roads to know what a Liars Table is.

— Photographer Quinta Scott has been documenting the Mother Road since it was decommissioned for as long as anyone I can think of (just read the books “Along Route 66” and “Route 66: The Highway and Its People” for proof). So Quinta Scott’s Along Route 66 Weblog is worth checking out.

— Alan Copson is a travel stock photographer. He boasts a bunch of Route 66 photos on his Alan Copson Pictures blog, including cool shots of Jerry Ueckert’s Redtop Diner in Edgewood, N.M.

— Shelby Rigg is 17 years old, and she works with her mom at 4 Women on the Route in Galena, Kan. Shelby’s an enthusiastic Route 66 supporter, and you can read about it at her Shelby’s Route 66 blog.

I’m also pruning a couple of blogs that have gone dormant. Historic Highways and Route 66 Spots haven’t been updated in many moons and will go by the wayside. If you’re the owners of these blogs, update them and I’ll gladly put them back on the Blogroll.

If there are other Route 66 or historic road-related blogs that you think I should include, shoot me an e-mail or make a comment. I’ll definitely give it due consideration.

UPDATE: Here’s the Indy Kicks It Online site, which describes itself as “3 musicians and a journalist on the Mother Road.” It’s a decent enough description — the quartet is taking off from Chicago in September “for a trip of a lifetime.”

Also, here’s Julie Bernabe’s Old Route 66 blog. She’s a Missourian who describes herself as an artist and Route 66 enthusiast.

Bill and Karen’s Travel Journal is about their Route 66 trip last summer. They’ll later blog their adventures this summer on the Lincoln Highway.

The Wombat, a frequent poster on the Route 66 yahoogroup and a Route 66 traveler, has a various-topics blog in It Comes from Albany.


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  1. TM

    The Route 66 Food Guide is one I’ve enjoyed reading in the past. I know that’s one you help keep updated. When will we see another entry? (Just a friendly nudge) 🙂

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