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Fran Eickhoff dedication

Detail of the Fran Eickhoff plaque near the entrance of Fanning 66 Outpost and General Store in Fanning, Mo.

The Fran Eickhoff plaque near the entrance of Fanning 66 Outpost and General Store in Fanning, Mo. (Photos courtesy of Jane Reed)

Members of the Route 66 Association of Missouri and family and friends of the late Fran Eickhoff gathered at the Fanning 66 Outpost and General Store in Fanning, Mo., to pay tribute to her decades of service to the Mother Road.

Eickhoff died after a long battle with cancer on Aug. 7, 2008.

From the news release about the ceremony:

For many years, Fran ran The Route 66 Lounge and greeted Route 66 travelers with her warm smile. She would go on to become an activist for preserving and promoting the Mother Road. She made friends not only in Missouri but also all along the road from Chicago to California as she attended Route 66 meetings and festivals. Even when facing the end of her life, one of Fran’s last trips was to the Litchfield, Ill., Route 66 Festival in June 2008 where she was able to visit with some of her Route 66 friends for the last time.

Local tourism board President Norman DeLeo spoke of Fran’s involvement with the association and how she was a booster for the Cuba, Mo., community and Route 66. Because of that dedication to the community, the tourism board commissioned a plaque to recognize Fran. The Outpost’s owners Dan and Carolyn Sanazaro were happy to allow the plaque to be placed on their Route 66 store.

During the ceremony, Missouri Association president Tommy Pike spoke of how Fran loved Route 66 and of her work with the Association at many events during the years. She was responsible for promoting Cuba’s Route 66 heritage and encouraging all Cuba’s businesses to become members of the Missouri Association.

Membership Services Director Bob Gehl also spoke of his friendship with Fran and how she was responsible for photographing Route 66 bridges in Missouri, designing a t-shirt with the images, and selling the resulting T-shirt. He reminisced about working on many projects with Fran.

To recognize Fran in her own community, Gehl, with her family’s permission, presented Betty DeLeo, president of the Crawford County History Museum in Cuba, with an award that Fran received during her last year that recognized her decades long work for the Missouri Association. He also presented DeLeo with one of the Association’s bridge T-shirts that Fran created. The memorabilia will become part of a museum display recognizing Fran and her work on Route 66.

Jane Dippel, Preservation Committee Chairwoman, presented Dan Sanazaro, Outpost owner, with a check and certificate recognizing his preservation of the Route 66 community building in Fanning by renovating the building for his store and building on site what has become known as the “Guinness World Record Largest Rocking Chair.” […]

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