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New details about Cars Land

PirateGuy’s Corner, an entertainment blog, a few weeks ago posted new conceptual drawings and more details about Disneyland Resort’s Cars Land, a new addition to the Southern California amusement complex that’s inspired by the 2006 Disney-Pixar movie “Cars” and the fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs.

Cars Land is under construction and scheduled to be finished sometime in 2012.

This is the reported description: “Blending the legendary adventure and excitement of Route 66, California’s love of Cars, and Walt Disney’s legacy if innovative storytelling, Carland recreates the memorable town of Radiator Springs Disney-Pixar’s animated film Cars. Route 66 was once the only auto route connecting Chicago to sunny LA. It represented the freedom of the open road, the migration west, and the dream of a brighter tomorrow in the Golden State for thousands of new arrivals in CA. That dream revs back to life in Cars Land.”

Go here to see all the info. But a few tidbits worth are passing along:

  • Buildings in Radiator Springs will house mostly businesses, such as Fillmore’s being a health-food stand, Lizzie’s a souvenir shop, and Flo’s as more of a sit-down restaurant.
  • Radiator Springs will contain three rides: Junkyard Jamboree, Luigi’s Roamin’ Tires, and and the elaborate Radiator Spring Racers.
  • Part of the ride will be a re-creation of entering the Radiator Springs vicinity, including an admonishment by the Sheriff to slow down and dodging an oncoming train.
  • The ride includes tractor-tipping.
  • You’ll meet virtually all of the Radiator Springs characters before the race begins.
  • During the race, you get instructions from your crew chief, Doc Hudson.

It sounds like a wondrous and amazing addition to Disneyland.


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