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Route 66 Pulse update

Bob “Crocodile” Lile and I have been exchanging e-mails about the resurrection of the Route 66 Pulse newspaper, which ceased publication in August 2008 after nearly two years of steep financial losses.

As sales manager, he provided a few details about the efforts to revive the newspaper:

  • Printing of the first issue of the revived Pulse will be in early June, with distribution in mid-June. Printing originally was scheduled for mid-May.
  • The Pulse is not taking subscriptions at this time, but hopes to do so by the August/September issue.
  • The print run will be 50,000 copies, and be distributed at Route 66-related museums, tourism centers and businesses.
  • Advertisers in the premiere issue will be eligible for discounted rates in future issues. Deadline for ads is Friday. Those interested should call 806-658-4796 or 806-664-3089 or e-mail blile(at)route66pulse(dot)com.

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