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Rock Cafe returns to full service

The media was out in full force Friday for the Rock Cafe‘s first day of full food service since a fire nearly destroyed the historic Route 66 restaurant in Stroud, Okla., a year ago.

Here’s a story by KOTV in Tulsa. Here’s an Associated Press story. Here’s another from BAM’s Blog, via the Daily Oklahoman.

Here’s one by the Oklahoman, with a video, including the mayor of Stroud holding court much of the day:

Mayor Jerry Murfin sat at a centrally located table with his wife and their son’s family through lunch Friday while visitors from Indiana to England came and went.

“I’ve been coming here for roughly 50 years,” Murfin said.

“I courted my wife here. We used to fill up gas here and spend whatever was left over to get a burger.” […]

The lunch crowd thinned Friday, taking a chunk of Murfin’s entourage. But the mayor remained seated, showing no signs of imminent departure as his mushroom-Swiss burger settled.

“I’m not goin’ anywhere,” Murfin said.

“I’m meeting a friend from Poteau here for dinner tonight.”

Here’s another good one by the Shawnee News-Star.

“Around 9 a.m., people just started showing up,” (owner Dawn) Welch said. “We’ve never had trouble filling up the seats and things don’t seem to have changed.”

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