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Route 66 Pulse issue will include survey

The next issue of the Route 66 Pulse newspaper will include a survey and self-addressed stamped envelope. Researchers at Rutgers University are conducting a study on the people who travel the Mother Road.

I’ll let Jim Conkle, who is leading the revival of the Pulse, explain:

The National Park Service Route 66 Corridor program received funds from American Express to do research on the demographics of the people who travel the road. We all know how important this information and data is to our future success. This matter was brought up in front of the NPS Advisory Council that a number of us serve on. The Committee of Jim Ross and David Knudson contacted Rutgers University. They have put together a really great survey with questions that will enable them to put into a market research paper just the data we need. The results of this survey be published and available to all of you.

As an insert into the Pulse will be this survey and a self address/stamp envelope. Yes 50,000 copies will be on the road starting June 9th.

The importance of this survey can not be overstated. Its success is going to depend on all of you. Rather than let the people that come into your museum, place of business or visitors center or whatever the location is pick up a copy of the Pulse, it would be better if YOU took the time to inform everyone you hand out the newspaper to — and we want you to hand them out, not just lay them on the counter — that there is a survey inside the paper. An even better way would be to take the surveys out and have them fill them in right then; if you need to assist them, please do so. Then take the envelopes from them with the survey filled out and mail them in. We need both our domestic and foreign tourists to fill in the surveys. […]


The Pulse can become a collectors item, but NOT the survey — we need them back. The more we receive, the better.

Route 66 Pulse will be distributed to museums, visitors centers and businesses along the road by the middle of June. So there should be plenty of opportunity for folks to pick one up.

Also, Rutgers professor David Listokin soon will release a study about Route 66’s economic impact. So, some interesting data about Route 66 should be coming out this year.


5 thoughts on “Route 66 Pulse issue will include survey

  1. TM

    I’m glad Rutgers is taking the time to do a scientific study so there will be concrete evidence of how important Route 66 can be to the local economy. No more need for speculation & politicians won’t be able to brush aside the significance of “relics & has-beens”.

  2. Lori Hoover

    I am an Urban Planning Student at University of Oshkosh, WI. I am working in GIS on an economic impact map project for a Computer Cartography class.

    I read in an NPS newsletter there is a GIS database being developed as of 2006. Can someone let me know how to access this. The contact on the Preservation Program does not respond.

    Perhaps the database was not concluded?

      1. lori

        I am told the database is no longer available to the public, that it is down.

        I was unable to complete my project for the summer class, but hope to keep working on it this fall semester.

        Any news would be helpful.

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