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“Cars” Web site gets a tune-up

“Cars,” the hit Disney-Pixar movie from 2006 that takes place prominently on Route 66, recently gave its Web site an extensive face-lift.

(Warning: The site will almost certainly require a high-speed Internet connection.)

Above is a screen shot of the site. The new “Cars” site features lots of goodies, including streaming of three excellent short films starring Mater. The site contains games, an interactive “Create a Car” feature, new “Cars” products for sale, interactive features on each “Cars” character, and more.

I especially liked the extensive production notes from the film, which brim with information about Pixar’s research into Route 66.

For more about “Cars” and its Route 66 connections, go here.

It may seem curious to revamp the Web site of a three-year-old movie. However, interest in “Cars” toys and other products remains high, and the sequel, “Cars 2,” is barely two years away from hitting theaters. Don’t be surprised to see the site undergo more renovations in the coming months as production on the new film proceeds.