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Going through The Mill

The Lincoln Daily News has posted a few photos from the 80th-anniversary celebration of The Mill in Lincoln, Ill.

The re-enactors of old characters at the mostly restored Route 66 restaurant are a hoot. I didn’t know the place had an association with gangster Al Capone.

The main story is here. A lot of interesting nuggets are in there.

A paranormal team also went through The Mill. They encountered no ghosts per se, but …

Many reported feelings of having their hair touched, or cold on the back of their necks, while others talked about being tapped on the shoulder or touched on the arm.

Several who took pictures upstairs claimed that there were abnormalities in the photos, such as the orbs that had been described earlier, and beams of light that resembled lasers. […]

Senger also noted that there are rumors relating to Al Capone and of one or two bodies buried outside the building. She said her feelings did confirm that, but that she sensed a much greater number than what has ever been spoken about. She went on to warn the audience that this was not confirmed, so not to get carried away with it. […]

They reported feelings of dread, sickness, dizziness, headache, the words “help me, help me, help me” and a sense of feeling drunk.


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