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Long story short: Regular readers of Route 66 News ought to check my Twitter site, which is here. Five of the most-recent Twitter posts also are listed on the main Route 66 News page.

Route 66 News stories are automatically fed to the Twitter page. I also repost entries from Twitter users that should be of interest to Route 66 aficionados.

From time to time, I’ll tweet original material, including the ones yesterday on the closing of the Steer Inn in Chandler, Okla., and my thoughts on the consistently excellent barbecue at The Boundary west of Luther, Okla.

I’d been dinking around with Twitter, but only started using it regularly during my vacation in June when an old travel laptop crapped out. I found that Twitter’s 140-character limit, along with employing a cell phone or an iPod Touch, were ideal to post quick news and stray thoughts from the Mother Road.

Since then, I’ve been following Twitter posts from newspapers, TV and radio stations, businesses, museums, municipalities, chambers of commerce, tourism agencies and bloggers that are near the Mother Road. Although I primarily use Internet news search engines to look for Route 66 material, Twitter is an especially good way to follow breaking stories from the media for material that flies under the “Route 66” search-terms radar.

So if there’s a Twitter user out there that you think would be a good to follow, drop me a line and I’ll give him or her consideration.


One thought on “All a-Twitter

  1. TM

    I have found your Twitter feed to be the best way to keep up with your blog. And you’ve re-tweeted some really great stuff too. I’m finding Twitter to be useful in keeping plugged into the world when I might not otherwise — Route 66 included. What’s cool is that anytime of the day you can search for Route 66 & find out what’s happening out there, real-time. Someone is stopping by Pop’s for a soda, someone else is stuck in traffic in ABQ. Love it.

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