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Au natural

Urban Tulsa posted a fascinating article about Oaklake Trails Naturist Park near Depew, Okla., off Route 66.

Simply put, it is a 400-acre resort for nudists.

At Oaklake, everyone is nude or nearly nude. Women and men wearing nothing but hats and sunglasses splash in the pool. A young woman sits outside her cabin in a lawn chair, with nothing on but a look of concentration, reading a book. She waves as fellow nudists ride by on golf carts. […]

It’s not that the people at the resort are doing anything titillating, it’s that they have simply created their own community, one where anyone with an open mind is invited and bodily inhibitions are thrown out the window. (Privacy is a relative term here. Individuals or couples can rent their own cottage that comes with a view of the park’s grounds but without blinds. There are separate bathrooms for men and women but no doors.)

To be clear, Oaklake is not only for those going nude. It is a clothing-optional park, meaning, according to Duncan, nudity is “encouraged, but we also accept the fact that some people are shy and maybe a little reluctant to get into the lifestyle.”

Trees prevent people traveling the Mother Road from seeing anything. So put away the binoculars, ya perv.

Oaklake screens out potential customers of violence and sexual abuse charges. You also are screened at a front office before being allowed admittance on the grounds.

Oaklake is also hosting a nudist convention next month.

On a more practical matter, the article doesn’t mention at least one obvious drawback of nudity — mosquitos, ticks, chiggers and other biting insects. Then there’s sunburn, thorns and other hazards for the skin.

Thanks, but I’ll keep my clothes on.


4 thoughts on “Au natural

  1. swa

    Is that what’s behind those big white view blocking screens I saw out there last year ?

    Guess it blocks off some real old alignments as well if I remember correctly.

    1. Ron

      No, that property is the one that holds biker rallies and such — the guy unsuccessfully tried to have it classified as “church” property. Long story.

      The nudist park is further off Route 66 than that.

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