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Site touts historical spots in New Mexico, an online guide to historical places in the United States, recently added New Mexico to its database, according to a news release.

The New Mexico StoppingPoints guide displays and pinpoints nearly 1,200 markers within the state, including properties in the National Register of Historic Places. Most markers are grouped and mapped by city, county, and also individually, allowing history researchers and hobbyists to easily locate them when visiting “The Land of Enchantment”. […]

Bill Lawson, Editor-in-Chief for, stated “We believe the New Mexico historical site guide is one of the most comprehensive guides of the state anywhere, and easily superior to the state’s own Tourism Department site which suffers from numerous spelling mistakes, grammar errors and poor usability.”

“New Mexico’s historical markers highlight some of the most interesting sites from the early history of America. The mixture of Spanish history, Native American Indian history, frontier justice, sagas of outlaws and gunslingers, along with beautiful southwestern vistas all combine to make New Mexico an important place that is highly evocative of the venerable Old West.”

Lawson shouldn’t be too hard on the state with its efforts. Although’s list for Route 66 sites is a fairly thorough, it contains little information about these sites. Simply marking a historical spot without providing any context isn’t all that useful to the novice tourist.

Here’s hoping that updates of the site will provide actual historical information about these heritage-tourism attractions.


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