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St. Louis factory building named to National Register

The National Candy Company Factory building in St. Louis. The Gravois Avenue viaduct is in the foreground.

The National Candy Company Factory building on the Gravois Avenue alignment of Route 66 in St. Louis was named to the National Register of Historic Places effective Nov. 5, according to an e-mail from the National Park Service.

The building, at 4230 Gravois Ave., was built in 1928 when the National Candy Company was the largest candy maker in the United States in that decade. The building is architecturally notable for its art deco flourishes.

According to the city’s Planning and Urban Design Agency, the building has changed little.

When traveling west on Route 66, National Candy Company building is off to the left as you start to go under the Gravois viaduct. Google Street Views link is here.

According to Chase Candy Co. (famous for Cherry Mash), which bought the National Candy Co. in the 1940s, the original National Candy Co. was founded by V.L. Price, father of future horror actor Vincent Price. According to other online sources, National Candy Co. specialized in jawbreakers and jellybeans.

The art deco facade of the National Candy Company building.


One thought on “St. Louis factory building named to National Register

  1. A. Hetland

    Does anyone know what ever happened to the candy company that made the little peppermint candy trees with the white peppermint chocolate with the pink jimmies stuck on and the peppermint stick for a tree trunk?????
    My family loved those. My grandmother received them from a friend every year for Christmas and we, as children, just thought they were the most wonderful things. I know they were made by a candy company somewhere in St. Louis

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