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Riding at Route 66

Emily is ready to take Max for a ride at the Route 66 Riding Stables in east Tulsa.

A couple of weeks ago while cruising the East 11th Street portion of Route 66 in rural Tulsa, we noticed a bunch of saddled horses on the old Brashear’s “Rent a Horse to Ride” property.

Seconds later, we spotted new signs on the fence around the property, advertising Route 66 Riding Stables and “Rent a Horse to Ride.” We were intrigued.

Emily, a horse-riding enthusiast, took her first test-drive Saturday of one of the Route 66 Riding Stables horses, a black gelding named Max. Her cost for riding the horse for an hour on the 100-acre property — a mere $15 and the usual insurance waiver.

Needless to say, Emily will be back.

Route 66 Riding Stables is a no-frills operation. It doesn’t give riding lessons, nor does it have fancy facilities. But it does have about a dozen horses saddled up and ready for riders for $15 an hour. It’s mostly for the experienced rider who doesn’t have a horse, or a traveler who’s away from his or her steed and wants to ride for an hour or two. The people who lease the property patrol the grounds on their horses to make sure everything’s OK, but mostly leave customers to have fun on their own.

Route 66 Riding Stables, at 161st and 11th streets, is open Saturdays and Sundays unless the weather is bad. It can be contacted at 918-314-6184. More about the operation can be found in this Craigslist ad here.


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