Route 66 News

A war for weiners

KSPR-TV in Springfield, Mo., reported an interesting conflict between two streetside hot-dog vendors operating in the city’s downtown and an ordinance that threatens to shut one of them down.

Pete Sterpe decided to start a business, Route 66 Hot Dogs, about a year ago. He chose a spot on the sidewalk where to sell them. Then …

Then, some confusion with city code, stopped his cart in its tracks.

“Two people can’t work with in that area at the same time,” says Sterpe.

“I don’t think it would be in the betterment of any business involved,” says Jeff Bear, who owns City Dogs.

Bear sometimes sets up his cart in front of the Heer’s building.

“If he’s there within 300 feet, then I can’t work there. Period,” says Sterpe.

According to city code, two street vendors can’t operate within 300 feet of each other. Sterpe and Bear’s spots are 270 feet apart.

“We put the 300 in there to separate out the hot dog vendors a little farther because we did have some complaints about them locating too close to each other and they felt that was unfair competition,” says Assistant City Attorney Nancy Yendes. […]

The city says it will look at lowering the distance required between vendors. That would mean traffic studies and a bill to go before city council.

If it goes to council, the city says, it could be changed as early as next spring.

The ordinance seems to be a slap in the face of the free enterprise system. If two hot-dog vendors are in the vicinity, let them battle it out, and may the vendor with the best product — and, presumably, the most revenue — win. At the least, it seems unfair that a mere 30 feet would threaten a man’s livelihood.