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Skating rink on Route 66 will be converted into a church

The closed Starlite Skate Rink on Route 66 north of Sapulpa, Okla., will be converted into the new home of Sapulpa Life Church effective Sunday, reported the Sapulpa Daily Herald.

The church is tailored more to young people, so it’s possible the Skate Rink could be used at times for the purpose for which it was intended.

Roller skating could even make a comeback to the building as an activity.

“The rink’s wood floor is still in pretty good shape, we corrected some damage and it could be used for skating again,” Cichon said with an eye towards a teen activity the site is being designed to address.

And don’t worry about the historic sign near the property. Pastor Bart Kelly told me by phone Thursday that the church has no intentions of removing it.

“Everyone’s who’s grown up around Sapulpa has been at the skating rink at one time or another. It’s a local landmark,” he said. “So we’re going to leave (the sign) there.”


3 thoughts on “Skating rink on Route 66 will be converted into a church

  1. redforkhippie

    Bravo! If they want to restore it, I’ll climb up there and repaint it for ’em. What a great landmark — and what a great church to recognize the historical significance of the sign.

  2. Micah Choquette

    My wife and I attend this church now, and we’re both really excited about what’s going on with SLC. Their youth program is going to be getting underway really soon, and anyone who is looking for a local church that is tailored to a younger generation should come check it out.

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