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A cake worth waiting for

Urban Tulsa, a weekly newspaper, published a good article about Ann’s Bakery, a business that’s been cherished by Tulsans for more than 70 years at its location on North Harvard Avenue, just off the Admiral Place alignment of Route 66.

Ann’s Bakery was nearly destroyed by a fire in early 2007, and it took more than a year to reopen. Longtime customers didn’t abandon Ann’s during the hiatus, said owner Shannon Harris, granddaughter of the original owners:

Harris said there’s an undeniable loyalty to Ann’s among Tulsans. So much so, that while they were closed for repairs, they heard that some of those faithful followers refused to purchase even a birthday cake until it reopened.

“We had a few buying two cakes for the occasion, making up for the one they missed,” she said.

You can learn more about Ann’s Bakery from this Indie Tulsa posting.


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