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“If I Had It Back”

Here’s Mark Maysey, playing a moving song he wrote, titled “If I Had It Back.”

The song is basically a dedication. Maysey explains in the notes on the video, which have been lightly edited:

Dedicated to a lovely Mexican woman named Manueal Nellie Ramos Fyock, who raised me from a child and tragically lost her life to a very unkind act. RIP Nellie, I think of you often and really do miss you and my Grandpa. Love you always, Marcos.

I’ll never forget that winter day in 1964 when Nellie and I almost lost our life on old Route 66 on the way to Kansas City, Kan., in our new 1964 Chrysler Newport station wagon following my Grandpa in a 1963 Chevrolet Apache pickup truck with a camper on top. Nellie hit a patch of ice, slammed on the breaks, went into a horrific spin clear across the oncoming lanes, briefly straddling the edges of the bank which had quite a drop to some railroad tracks directly below that were being occupied at that time with a freight train. We must have spun that car around at least 10 times before coming to a rest on the opposite side of the road. Luggage and other small items were scattered throughout the car and Mexican music was blaring from the stock push-button radio, and then Nellie placed her hand on my leg, smiled and asked calmly, “Are you OK Marcos?” I smiled, shook my head up and down, and responded politely in a slightly quivering voice! Thanks for watching and sharing some good words; they truly mean a lot. And remember, never laugh at another one’s dream, for it may be the only hope they have. Peace and much love always, your friends, Mark and Noy.

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