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Looks like they made it

The fellows in Cars for a Grand managed to drive that $1,000 Cadillac all the way on the Route 66 corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles, according to a news release this morning.

Chris and Jorge purchased the car on April 9th in Thomson, IL where it was reportedly kept in a barn and summer driven. After throwing down $1,000 in cash, the guys stopped at a local GM dealership for a tuneup and to make sure the car was safe for themselves and the other drivers along Route 66. They had a blowout in St. Louis and had to get a new set of tires, but all in all from Chicago to LA the total car cost was under $1400.

It’s obvious from this video and others that they stuck primarily to the interstates. But can you blame them for not wanting to attempt, say, the Mojave Desert, in a 38-year-old car?


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