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66 Bowl up for sale; investors sought for it

The historic 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City soon will be up for sale, and an organizer of the Okie Twist-off music and car festival and an area Realtor are looking for help from investors to buy and preserve the property, according to e-mails I received today.

The owners of the 66 Bowl confirmed by e-mail that the property soon would be on the market. One of the co-owners is in poor health, hence the impending listing, and one of those interested in buying the 66 Bowl is reportedly interested in converting it into a market. Obviously such a conversion would likely alter the property’s historic character.

Theresa Zaizar, a Realtor based in nearby Edmond, said in an e-mail:

Jeff Beck and I are trying to locate people that are willing to rally together to save the 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City. We have the skill set and passion to manage the business and turn it around, we need others that may have knowledge on how to save it, stall any sale that may cause it’s demise, and invest in it in order to give it the much needed face-lift.

As you know, Jeff’s car show…The Okie Twistoff has been using the 66 Bowl as its venue of choice. The community is growing in its appreciation for car shows like this and we feel we would have their support by offering more music, more food choices and a retro environment at the 66 Bowl.

Our goal is to keep it as true to its original style, and turn it into a family friendly, rockabilly-old school, Route 66, vintage destination.

Zaizar can be contacted through here if you want to offer your help.

Here’s a video about the Okie Twist-off at the 66 Bowl from 2007:

The 66 Bowl opened in 1959 as a 24-lane bowling center. In addition to bowling, a restaurant and a tavern, the 66 Bowl also hosts live music.

(Hat tip: Jerry McClanahan)


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    They call me Tro, ask around, interested in $ needed and % in biz.. [email protected]

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