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New plant sign touts Webb City’s Route 66 heritage

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co. in Webb City, Mo., is marking its 60th anniversary and just opened a new building in town, according to the Joplin Globe.

That’s certainly noteworthy, but the real point of interest for Route 66 enthusiasts lurks in the plans for the land near the Cardinal Scale plant:

Mayor John Biggs said he anticipates the eventual construction of a new interchange along Missouri Highway 171 as well as a new road just east of the manufacturing plant, which he hopes will help trucks entering and leaving the plant site.

That area also is expected to one day house a Route 66-themed welcome park for visitors, said Chuck Surface, the city’s economic development director.

“We’re going to beautify this area by knocking down that house over there,” said Surface, pointing to a structure across the street from the plant. “We’re going to have a nice little Route 66 entrance park right there.”

Cardinal Scale already has taken advantage of those plans, installing a 55-foot lighted sign — featuring the phrase “Welcome to Webb City” and an image of the Route 66 road sign — on the east wall of its new building. That sign can be seen by westbound drivers as they enter Webb City from Highway 171, Sabo said.

The sign can be seen in this page about the dedication of the new building. Obviously, the Cardinal Scale logo is featured prominently. But the Route 66 welcome sign isn’t exactly tiny, either.


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