Route 66 News

Santa Rosa scoops

I always enjoy the print edition of the Guadalupe County Communicator, based out of Santa Rosa, N.M., when it arrives in my mailbox each week. It’s a lively newspaper owned by a former Rocky Mountain News reporter, and the fact it’s on Route 66 is  bonus.

This week, the Communicator contained these items of interest to Mother Road fans:

  • Longtime New Mexico Route 66 advocate Johnnie Meier is considering a Route 66-themed museum in the 1906 Charles Ilfeld Warehouse in Santa Rosa. I’d known that Meier, who owns a Classical Gas petroliana museum in Embudo, N.M., was looking at Santa Rosa for another museum. But this was the first I’d heard about a specific location. Meier also may put the museum in Tucumcari.
  • The nearby Route 66 ghost town of Cuervo may put its long-closed schoolhouse on the market. The school was built with stone, and sits on a rise just south of Interstate 40 and Route 66. But the roof is decaying, but townsfolk want to sell the building before it deteriorates to where it’s no longer salvageable. Cuervo, which once boasted a population of 240, now counts only 11 residents. The Santa Rosa School District, which owns the property, will likely put it up for bid.
  • Meier, investigating whether the long-defunct Club Cafe still stands in Santa Rosa, found a building on the property that contains an old sign of the Club Cafe’s famous “fat man” mascot, plus  “a lot of dust.” It had been reported that the Club Cafe has been torn down, but Meier disputes that. It’s not certain whether what Meier found is proof that the building was the Club Cafe, but the sign was quite a find regardless. I reckon this fellow would settle the matter once and for all.