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66 years of marriage, on Route 66

The Kingman (Ariz.) Daily Miner tells of the story of Kenneth and Kathleen Kelley, who are celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary and live on Route 66 in Kingman.

They marked the date by being photographed in front of 1966 cars (with the help of the Route 66 Cruisers club) in front of the Powerhouse Visitors Center, which houses the local Route 66 museum.

Kenneth was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne during World War II when he met Kathleen at a coffee shop in Leicester, England. They dated for several months, meeting each time under the spiral clock tower in town.

Kathleen admits to standing Kenneth up several times during their initial courtship. He had been seeing a friend of hers and she wasn’t quite sure if she was comfortable dating him.

Kathleen eventually relented, and the couple dated for several months, during which time Kenneth proposed a half a dozen times.

Kathleen said no each time until she finally accepted.

The couple moved to a house on Route 66 in Kingman in 1962 and raised four children. He was a mine superintendent.


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