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Jobless man trying to set cross-country walking record

Matt Livermanne is looking for a job and needs a way to stand out for employers.

So he figured if he broke the record for walking from New York City to Los Angeles, it will “make me stand out in the end,” he told the Cuba Free Press of Cuba, Mo.

Livermanne left the Big Apple on Sept. 20. To break the record, he’ll have to be at Los Angeles City Hall before Christmas. The record reportedly is 86 days. The Free Press reports that Livermanne has to walk 16 hours a day, and up to 20 hours a day in the final two weeks.

He started walking on the Route 66 corridor in St. Louis. According to his GPS-tracked website as of Thursday night, he was in Hazelgreen, Mo.

He’s not just doing the walk for himself; he’s raising money for Habitat for Humanity and Adopt a Ghost, which helps soldiers overseas.

Livermanne’s website is He also has a Facebook page (with nice photos from his journey) and a Twitter account.

A documentary film about his walk also is being planned.

UPDATE: Apparently Livermanne stopped his walk about the time this article was written. He says he’ll try again in May.

(Hat tip: Jane Reed)


2 thoughts on “Jobless man trying to set cross-country walking record

  1. Sidney

    This post is dated the 25th of November. Matt ended his walk on the 23rd of November. He is planning to try again in May or June. After reading some of his Tweets it sounds like there were safety concerns as he walked along I-44.

    1. Matthew Livermanne

      I wanted to say thank you to all the people who followed me, the nice stories written about me. It became obvious that it was getting dangerous and the wrong time of year ie weather, and short days. I am trying again in May and look forward to saying hi to those I have met along the way.

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