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California 66 museum volunteers nominated as “most inspiring”

Two volunteers at the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville, Calif., have been nominated as the 2011 Most Inspiring Women by the city’s Daily Press newspaper.

Charlotte “Chick” Kirk and Betty Halbe were nominated together, and apparently are such a strong combination, they have a nickname.

Some may have never heard of a Chickanbetty, but many in the Victor Valley have not only seen the only one in existence but say they are lucky to count Chickanbetty as their friend and inspiration.

“It’s not Chick and Betty,” said Jim Conkle, longtime Victor Valley resident and member of the California Route 66 Museum board of directors. “It’s one word: Chickanbetty.” […]

“Chick and Betty. What more is there to say?” chuckled Eldon Kingston about the women. “When you think of one you think of the other, then you think of the Route 66 Museum.”

The report goes on to say that the two women not only helped get the museum started, but they’ve also logged thousands of volunteer hours there to greet tourists and provide tourist of the facility.

When the two heard they were nominated, they said it should go to someone else. “… There are so many women out there working and volunteering with cancer patients, battered women and the homeless,” Halbe said.


One thought on “California 66 museum volunteers nominated as “most inspiring”

  1. Jane

    Wonderful job ladies for keeping the memories of Route 66 alive and being ambassadors to so many of our international travelers. You have touched many lives and maintained what must be a strong friendship.

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