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Newest gas station face-lift in Tucumcari

Here’s the latest abandoned gas station along Route 66 in Tucumcari, N.M., that received a new coat of decorative paint.

It’s the gas station at the Paradise Motel on the west end of town, given a Sinclair Oil decor. The repainting was finished over the weekend. Richard Talley, owner of the Motel Safari in town, said in an e-mail:

We’re also in the process of securing 2 or 3 new locations for the gas station project, which will allow us to easily reach our goal of at least 7 new gas stations total by the time winter comes around again.

Here are the other gas stations that have been repainted:

These projects are a way to dress up eyesores in town, and give it a nostalgic look as well. It’s a great way for many Route 66 towns to spruce up without a lot of money.

Also, Talley reports:

At some point we’ll include some photos of the Train Depot too, which is currently under complete renovation and scheduled to open in November this year. Some street-scaping with new antique period light poles has been completed over there, and the depot’s roof decking has just been replaced.