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Newest gas station face-lift in Tucumcari

Here’s the latest abandoned gas station along Route 66 in Tucumcari, N.M., that received a new coat of decorative paint.

It’s the gas station at the Paradise Motel on the west end of town, given a Sinclair Oil decor. The repainting was finished over the weekend. Richard Talley, owner of the Motel Safari in town, said in an e-mail:

We’re also in the process of securing 2 or 3 new locations for the gas station project, which will allow us to easily reach our goal of at least 7 new gas stations total by the time winter comes around again.

Here are the other gas stations that have been repainted:

These projects are a way to dress up eyesores in town, and give it a nostalgic look as well. It’s a great way for many Route 66 towns to spruce up without a lot of money.

Also, Talley reports:

At some point we’ll include some photos of the Train Depot too, which is currently under complete renovation and scheduled to open in November this year. Some street-scaping with new antique period light poles has been completed over there, and the depot’s roof decking has just been replaced.

9 thoughts on “Newest gas station face-lift in Tucumcari

  1. Tiki Amy

    It warms my heart to see these stations have a facelift! Amazing effort, keep up the good work!

  2. john knight

    Brilliant idea and good community spirit well done ,as a semi-retired
    signpainter I’d love to get involved, but live a bit too far away.

  3. john-michael

    if anyone knows of any of these old stations/motels/cafe that need help to be owned or just painted up let me know!!!..i have the time and the resources to start and finish the projects as well as info on tax breaks.. this ol combat vet is looking to retire early..all leads will be followed up

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