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A new wrinkle on Wrink’s Market

For an all-too-brief period, Terry Wrinkle resurrected Wrink’s Market, the longtime Route 66 business in Lebanon, Mo., owned and operated by his late father Glenn Wrinkle.

When Terry shut down the business in 2009, the future of the building looked cloudy.

However, in recent weeks, the old Wrink’s Market has found new life with D.C. Decker’s Cowboy Emporium, which operates as a part restaurant, part art museum, and part western museum.

The restaurant part is tucked into a corner of the Wrink’s building, where “healthy” sandwiches are served with about a dozen varieties Arbuckle Mountain fried pies.

Decker’s also serves and is a supplier of Arbuckle’s Ariosa Coffee, “the coffee that won the West.”

The museum part includes a lot of Old West memorabilia, including a genuine 1896 Hickory chuckwagon.

Decker once was a custom boot maker. Some of his handiwork sits on the shelves.

And the store contains plenty of western-themed art for sale.

The proprietor is Don Decker, an expert on the culture and history the Old West and American Indians.

He once hosted a radio show in Arizona, and said he assisted “Route 66: The Mother Road” author Michael Wallis when Wallis was researching a book about Cherokee Nation chief Wilma Mankiller.

Decker is happy to show you around and tell stories. Don’t be surprised if you stick around longer than you thought — a common but happy problem with the many characters who inhabit Route 66.

(D.C. Decker’s Cowboy Emporium is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. It is in the old Wrink’s Market off Exit 130 of Interstate 44. The phone number is 951-219-0813. Don Decker also is on Facebook here.)


15 thoughts on “A new wrinkle on Wrink’s Market

  1. Bill Kelly

    Dear Mr. Decker, as a former employee at Wrink’s Market around
    1953-56 I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to learn that the
    Wrink’s Market building is back up and running. I’m sure that Glenn
    is looking down with a big smile on his face. May I wish you Good
    Luck in your endeavor. Some of the happiest days of my life were
    spent in that building. Glenn had the best and most loyal customers in the entire world.. I am honored to have been a small part of that
    historic market during my high school years.
    Bill Kelly

  2. Don Decker or DC Decker

    Thank you friends and travelers. We are enjoying lots of fine guests here at the Ranch House on 66 in Lebanon. Sure happy cause guests love the place. Come see us. One correction. Briefly I did not help Mr. Willis write the book. I knew Wilma Mankiller well. Was the last friend of Zack Miller Jr. of the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch south of Ponca City OK. Come see us and help to keep the American West Alive!

  3. Don Decker or DC Decker

    Every Saturday evening folks gather up at the Cowboy Emporium for an old fashion Chuck Wagon Dinner and western entertainment. Lots of fun and great food. Come by and enjoy your self in a good old western way!! First 50 served all you can eat! 214-205-6112

  4. Glenda Wood

    My husband and I just completed our second portion of Route 66. We made a stop at Wrink’s Market and were completely mesmerized by our host. Don Decker is one of those individuals we love being around, he has a very positive outgoing personality, he was entertaining as well as knowledgeable not to mention a host extraordinaire! We lost track of our time with him and even went back the next morning before hitting the Mother Road. His Mountain Fried Pie and great Arbuckle Coffee started the day off in a grand manner. If anyone is near by on their trip of the Mother Road, we strongly encourage you to make the time to stop and visit the Cowboy Emporium and treat yourself to his Arbuckle Coffee and Fried Pies. Mouthwatering delicious!! Glenda Wood

  5. Don & Joyce Dill

    Don, my husband and I came in yesterday, had the fried pie and great coffee experience!! It made me feel really good that you had heard of my grandfather in southern oklahoma, DOC ELLIOTT, he and my grandmother were some rough and tough old people!! Good to hear stories from my neck of the woods…may you be blessed with good health, good laughter, good living, good friends and the love of our dear LORD always!!! Joyce

  6. teresa kohl

    I knew Donny Decker back in the Bill Lumm Diamond L days when I ran Oak River Corral. Nice to know where you landed Donny. I am Forrest Flynn’s daughter, Teresa, and I’ll be by to say hello one of these days soon. Happy Holidays to you!

  7. Dale Durham

    Hey Don,

    Great to meet you today! We are hooked on the Arbuckle Coffee and the fried pies! We’ll be back!!!

  8. Rob and Sondra

    Hi Don
    Sondra and I dropped in in September of 2011 and enjoyed meeting with you and hearing stories of cowboys and the history of the area. We are from eastern Canada and had never tasted arbuckles coffee. It was a real treat and ,again thanks for your kindness. Rob and Sondra Macdonald.

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