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Williams may get a railroad museum next year

Tucked into this Arizona Republic story about a railroad buff is this intriguing excerpt:

For years, Al Richmond has been collecting – schedules, pamphlets, photos, even locomotives – things that would tell railroad’s story as it unfolded in Arizona. […]

To appreciate what happened as the rails made their way across Arizona in the late 19th century, Richmond has been working diligently to create the Arizona Railroad Museum, which so far is a collection without a home.

If all goes well with various bonds and financing, the museum will open in Williams sometime next year.

The Republic’s story goes into how the development of railroad lines helped establish the Arizona towns of Holbrook, Flagstaff and Winslow and, subsequently, Route 66.

Anyway, the railroad museum actually has a website. It describes the project:

Slated for a beautiful 16-acre park in Williams, Arizona, the 106,500 square-foot Museum will reflect the atmosphere of railroad engine houses and shops. Interpretive exhibits, archives, an art gallery, meeting rooms, interactive computer facilities, a 500 seat auditorium and an outdoor amphitheatre will provide incredible opportunities for learning and discovery.

It’s part of the Arizona 2012 Centennial Legacy Project.

Here’s an image of an artist’s rendering of the project:

According to the project’s document, it will be a $25 million facility, with an artifact collection worth at least $2.1 million alone. The museum would be right next to the Grand Canyon Railway, and right on Route 66 through town in Williams.

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