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A video review of “The Art of Cars”

The book, “The Art of Cars,” was published about the same time the first Disney-Pixar “Cars” movie was released in 2006.

This is a new review of the book, and the video format shows the book’s illustrations and exceptional design as well as anything I’ve seen.

The fellow who reviews this book runs a blog called Blu Collector, specializing in Disney memorabilia. Here’s what he wrote about “The Art of Cars”:

I think this is one of the best illustrated books I’ve seen. Its amazing to see how the movie came about. The illustrations in the book are of such quality that it is comparable to any coffee table book I might own. The drawings are exceptional quality. I was impressed to see how many years went into making the movie and the book told the complete process of consultants, writers, etc. that were consulted to make sure of the movie’s authenticity as well as appeal to both children and adults. Michael and Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis certainly nailed Route 66 in the book and therefore was presented in the movie with much detail. This book is filled with plenty of concept art drawings. Pixar artists draw hundreds of drawings each day but only selected ones were included into the book due to the limited number of pages. Every page is packed with art. Also included are storyboards, architectural drawings, landscape drawings, lighting studies, car decor sketches, photos from their road trips.

Again, anyone wanting to own a beautiful book of illustrations, as well as reading how a movie is made, needs to get the book, The Art of Cars. It’ll make you want to see the movie and motor West getting your Kicks on Route 66.

If you’re interested, “The Art of Cars” can be ordered here.


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