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Billy Connolly’s Route 66, Episode 1

The first episode of “Billy Connolly’s Route 66” aired on ITV earlier today in Great Britain. And someone has already posted it in five parts. I commend it to your attention:

I just watched the whole thing, and it’s delightful. It’s well-photographed, and the side trips are very well-chosen. And I got a little misty-eyed when Connolly took a walk through deceased Route 66 artist Bob Waldmire’s old schoolbus home (in parts 3 and 4).

I’m really looking forward to seeing the other three episodes.


15 thoughts on “Billy Connolly’s Route 66, Episode 1

  1. Scott Leitner

    That brings back a lot of great memories. I loved Bob’s bus! We go to Wilmington frequently to eat at The Launching Pad & when I had the episode on, my son kept saying to let him know if Billy stopped there to see the Gemini Giant.

  2. Cathie Stevanovich

    What a wonderful tribute to our beloved 66. I know Billy and his crew filmed much more than what made the show, ie, he made other stops in Illinois, and he put his handprint on Bob’s last mural which was going to be painted the following weekend.Much of what Billy said about America and Route 66 is what we hear at the Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum in Pontiac, Illinois…Americana is so special to the world.Maybe this show will inspire those who live along the road to take another look at what is before them.Billy’s tour of the tornado sites in Joplin and his conversations there were incredibly moving.This show should be required viewing for those Senators and Congressmen who feel money spent on anything Route 66 is wasted.

    Since Bob Waldmire’s bus was opened to the public during the Red Carpet corridor this past May, over 5,000 people have toured Bob’s “land yacht”. People love the bus and share their stories about meeting Bob at different places along the road and/or everyone finds something in the bus that seems to speak directly to them.The fact that Billy expressed the same sentiments is why it was so important to
    preserve the bus for people to see.We are indebted to Billy for taking the time to share with the world Bob’s home.

    1. Steve.

      Well said Cathie. We are over in the States on holiday in 2013 in Orlando with the grandkids, bog atandard fare! After that is out the way, I want to now tour route 66 because of this programme. It isn’t wasted money investing in your heritage, but unfortunatly, if you can’t lobby politicians with big bucks, they just ain’t interested! I can’t wait to see Bob’s bus now!

  3. threerosesbnb

    Wow! I loved this video. Excellent photography, history, and the host Billy ConnoIly – love his accent. He sure got it right about American people. I live along Route 66 and my parents have most of their lives. I remember traveling the road as a young girl with my family – from Illinois to California. All we could afford was gas and food (when you could get a gallon of gas for 25 cents and a meal for 45 cents); so, we only stayed anywhere along the road in New Mexico once. I think it was Albuquerque. I remember the fantastic Mexican food there. There were lots of Mexican restaurants and it was tough to choose but we ate at one of the best it seemed to me. I’ve never forgotten that meal.

    I loved driving by all the American Indian shops. We only stopped to look a couple times and couldn’t buy anything but I was fascinated with the shops and the souvenirs. I always wanted to stay in the teepee motel. I’ve never gotten to do that. One of these days, I’m going to talk my husband into driving old 66 to California and back again. We’re gonna stay in one of those teepees.

    My parents lived in Pomona (very close to Route 66), Barstow, and Kingman. My Dad LOVED Route 66. That’s all he ever talked about. That and country music. I now live in Pontiac, IL. Came back to my roots in 1994 and never want to go back. I love it here. People are warm and friendly and are always helping each other out. It’s too stressful to live in California any more. I think I’ll live a lot longer in Illinois.

    Now I’m doing what I love. Having company and visiting with folks from all over the world and I get to cook for them – my life’s biggest passion. I just love to feed people and spoil them. I guess it’s the nurse in me, still wanting to take care of people.

    I can’t wait to see the next episode. Thanks to whomever put this online so us Americans can enjoy it too!

  4. Jane

    Thanks for posting this. I know we aren’t perfect, but it is good to hear a non-native say something “nice” about us for a change.

    It’s a great series with all of the historical detail and the “heart” that Connolly puts into his work.

  5. JohnL

    Don’t expect to duplicate exactly his Route 66 experience, or to do his things expecting the same experience. it’s impossible. You can travel the Mother Road of this country 6 times and stop at the same exact places each time and go away with a completely different crazy fun goofy times, each and every time.
    Life on Route 66 really is like a box of chocolates – right Forest?

  6. D. Cloud

    LOVE THIS VIDEO! Can’t wait for the rest of the trip. Love the antics of Billy, the accent is unforgettable and he shows us a bit of ourselves that we have forgotten in the every day rush of living. I sure hope this trip of Billy traveling Route 66 is made available on DVD. I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Thanks Billy for showing us what America is all about.

  7. Ann A, Illinois

    As a transplanted Brit living near St.Louis I was thrilled to find this. This is the America I have come to love, but sometimes we forget what makes this country such a joy. Billy Connolly does a great job of showing it off, warts and all. I am sure the UK audience will love it and I hope we see it on TV here in the near future.

  8. keith morris

    This programme is a great way to see Americans for who they really are instead of all the pseudo hype which is presented in the various medias.
    The show is a fantastic way to see the warmth,compassion and joy that truly encompass a proud people.I was fortunate to visit America in 2003 and the show has fetched back to me all the wonderful people i met over there….thank you Mr Connolly for refreshing my memory,i only wish that i had travelled along Route 66..

  9. Fiona Haigh

    I’m just so excited ! Already had a plan to visit and travel Route 66, and now after seeing Billy Connolly’s fabulous programme and catching more than a glimpse of this historic road, my excitement is bursting and I just can’t wait to get there. America here I come !

  10. Ascot

    Ah, the poor Americans who have never traveled what remains of old Route 66.
    Not only that, there are many who have not seen much of the truly great United States, yet I have heard a great number of them express a desire to see places such as Paris and London while the real treasures are all here.
    I never tire of ‘exploring’ America and meeting perhaps the most friendly people on Earth, whether they be in Kentucky, Wyoming, California, Ohio, or Texas..
    Where else in the World could you find little diners open at all hours to serve you breakfast at any time?
    In what other country would it possible to drive from one ocean to another and be able to find hotels and motels along the way WITHOUT making reservations?
    The many thousands of small things that are taken for granted here are tried to be duplicated in other lands, yet it cannot be done, simply because they are not America.
    I have visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and several other European cities; admittedly they were all interesting, but it was still great to return home and ‘explore’ some more.
    Perhaps it takes Scots such as myself and Billy Connolly, he a visitor, and me, now a citizen… but both Glaswegians to see what those born here cannot.

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