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A closer look at Amboy

This sprawling video by Carlos Garcia Aceves is about the Route 66 town of Amboy, Calif.; Juan Pollo restaurant chain proprietor and Amboy owner Albert Okura, and the Roy’s sign in Amboy.

Good nuggets about the history of Amboy are found in the first eight minutes. The middle part is an interview with Okura. The last part contains more history of Amboy and Roy’s.

It looks like a Kickstarter project will be launched soon on tp finish an Amboy book and documentary.


2 thoughts on “A closer look at Amboy

  1. Denny Gibson

    When I read your intro, I wasn’t clear on how a video could be “sprawling”. I think I’ve got it now.

    Lots of good tidbits throughout. Okura’s observation that cavemen ate rotisserie chicken is brilliant though maybe everyone but me has heard it before. I’m guessing this will be trimmed and tuned to use as a pitch for what looks like a worthwhile Kickstarter project.

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