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Boots Motel volunteer day set to mark Route 66’s birthday

NOTE: The date of the work day has been changed from Friday, Nov. 11, to Saturday, Nov. 12, in an effort to gain more participation.

The new owners of the Boots Motel in Carthage, Mo., have set Saturday, Nov. 12, as a volunteer day to help clean and read the Route 66 landmark for winter.

Nov. 11 marks the 85th anniversary of when Route 66 was certified as a U.S. highway.

The news release by the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce explains:

This very special event will be exclusive to the volunteers. The event will begin at 8 am with coffee, hot chocolate and donuts. At 9 am, volunteers will begin working, which will consist of basic cleaning, patching and caulking that will help protect the buildings against the coming winter. The media is also invited to attend.

At noon, lunch will be donated and provided by several local restaurants, along with coffee, hot chocolate and sodas. At 3 p.m. the work ends and the birthday party begins with a cake cutting and a “toast” to the Mother Road. In addition to the cake, ice cream and other refreshments will be provided.

Volunteers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a letter for future credit towards a stay at the motel or another gift of their choosing. They will also receive a free membership in the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce. Twenty-five volunteer applicants will be signed-up on a first-come basis, and will need to submit a basic registration form that may be downloaded at Volunteers and event sponsors will also receive a free membership in the Route 66 Chamber which includes a free ad in the chamber’s website in return for their support of this volunteer event.

I think marking Route 66’s birthday by helping preserve one of its most historic motels is a terrific way to mark the occasion.

Two sisters purchased the motel a few weeks ago, and plan to restore it to its 1949 splendor.


2 thoughts on “Boots Motel volunteer day set to mark Route 66’s birthday

  1. Gar Engman

    I’m so glad these sisters have taken on the restoration to save The Boots !! And that they plan to restore it to such detail. I was hoping someone would … I would have if I could have funded it.

    Another Happy Day for Rt 66 !! :))

    Thank you Girls,
    Gar Engman

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