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Church expansion takes on a Route 66 theme

The Wildwood Community Church in Norman, Okla., recently built an addition that includes a Route 66 theme, according to an article in the Norman Transcript.

According to the newspaper:

The general idea of the expansion centers around a Route 66 theme. All of the art is original and much of the general decor are things repurposed from junkyards, like a real Spartan travel trailer estimated to have been manufactured in Tulsa around 1949.

“They (Team JYD) found it buried up to the windows outside of a truck stop in Chandler. It was one of those things where if you can get it out of here, you can have it. They dug it out and they drove it back to Oklahoma City and they didn’t know for sure where they would use it, but they found someone to give it to. It fit the Route 66 idea,” Robinson said. “I love the icon of the trailer, too because it’s the idea that church is your home away from home.”

There are four halls in the building and they all have different geographic areas — the beach, the mountains, the desert and the forest.

Team JYD, which came up with the addition’s design, is the same firm that bought the 66 Bowl’s neon sign in Oklahoma City when the property changed hands a year ago.

Team JYD didn’t post photos of the church addition on its website. However, you can see 360-degree panoramic photos of it here (images may take some time to load).

Also, Team JYD is designed a restaurant in the Route 66 town of Edmond, Okla., called Red’s Southern Diner. Cameron Eagle at Team JYD said in an email:

 It also has a an 8 foot tall rotating bucket of chicken inside hanging from the ceiling, a 1949 Spartan eat in trailer, and fans made from lawn mowers.

It also features a giant neon chicken sign in the front.

The address of the restaurant is 840 W. Danforth Road (map here), about a mile northeast of Route 66’s closest point, at Edmond Road and Broadway.


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