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Wienermobile stops at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger

A new Oscar Mayer Wienermobile made a Route 66 stop on Thursday at the legendary Emma Jean Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville, Calif., on the way to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, according to the Victorville Daily Press.

According to the newspaper:

On Thursday, patrons at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville were able to either experience the sight for the first time or relive their childhood memories, as a 2012 model Wienermobile pulled into the parking lot on its way to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

“We picked up the new Wienermobile in Santa Barbara and are driving all the way to the Super Bowl with many stops ahead of us,” Danica Schmidt, official Kraft Foods “Hotdogger,” said. “We wanted to stop at the famous Holland Burger diner for lunch before heading to Flagstaff, Ariz.”

The vehicle also made a stop at the Route 66 Museum in Old Town Victorville.

There usually are several Wienermobiles on the road at any one time. To track them, go here.

UPDATE: The California Route 66 Museum has posted a bunch of photos of the Wiernermobile on its Facebook page.

(Photo of the Wienermobile courtesy of Oscar Mayer)


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