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Off to the bed races

The Mojave Daily News posted a humorous account of the annual Oatman Great Bed Races in Oatman, Ariz., on Saturday.

It’s not so much a competition as a fun-filled farce. To wit:

 In accordance to contest rules, teams must first push one teammate in a bed the length of the course, park the team’s bed with the passenger still aboard while the other four members put the sheets and pillowcases on a stationary bed and then push the team bed back to the finish line. While each of the four pushing team members carries a roll of toilet paper between their knees. Oh, and this year, each team member also had to put on a pair of granny panties after completing the bed-making portion. A few of the teams struggled getting the elastic-banded undergarment on over their legs, so adapted by pulling them on like a shirt. Others took a cue and wore them as a hat, bracelet or scarf.

“Guess there’s nothing in the rules about that,” noted one of the judges, shrugging his shoulders.

The Super Country team won the 18-team event this year with a time of 54.7 seconds, after being disqualified for a rules violation the previous year.

Here’s a video from last year’s races:


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