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Route 66 Task Force in Tulsa report

So what happened at the inaugural City of Tulsa Route 66 Task Force meeting Thursday night at the Campbell Hotel?

The answer: Not much. That doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. The meeting was more of a reception and fact-gathering mission than a planning session. The Task Force isn’t going to be one group, but a bunch of subcommittees to divvy up responsibilities. The wish list is long, but basically the city wants to exploit Route 66 more as an economic engine.

(Disclosure: I volunteered to be on the Task Force; my duties will be known at a future date.)

I had planned to write something about the event, but other projects got in the way. And Laurel Kane of Afton Station did a good job reporting what happened, so you can read it on her blog and be well-informed.

My impressions: First, a lot more people showed up for that meeting than I expected. I would have been satisfied if 25 people showed up. But the number was closer to 100.

Second, the meeting wound up being a nice showcase for the recently restored Campbell Hotel. I think a fair number of people came away impressed with the facility, and will encourage out-of-town guests to use it.

Finally, I have to give new city councilor Blake Ewing a lot of credit for getting this started. He assumed office barely two months ago, but apparently told the city fathers that Route 66 was going to be a top priority. He regards the Mother Road as “low-hanging fruit” that the city has for too long ignored or under-appreciated.


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  1. Walt Kosty

    After the initial press I never saw anything publicized about the task force meeting. Is there a way to get in the loop to attend furute sessions.


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