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Route 66 photo exhibit soon will open in Pasadena

Photographer Rick Yenofsky of Arcadia, Calif., will display images of the Mother Road in Southern California with “Getting There – Old Places on Route 66, Planes, Trains, Ships & Automobiles: Modern and Historic” at Colonnade Art Gallery and Studio in Pasadena.

The exhibit starts March 3. The Pasadena Star-News reports:

Yenofsky traveled from downtown Los Angeles through Glendora looking for subjects on and near Route 66 to shoot for the show. He discovered a lot of what was originally along the Mother Road is merely a memory now, but he was still able to find a nice series of intriguing scenes.

“Route 66 is part of a dream, a part of getting out there and traveling and exploring,” Yenofsky said.

He uses digital cameras and hones his images with Photoshop. He likes working in black and white, although he admits it is not his strong suit. For subject matter, Yenofsky typically leans towards landscapes, horticulture and structures and, in all instances, it’s the lighting that draws him.

“I like structure and shadow, so my favorite times to shoot would be early morning or late afternoon,” Yenofsky said. “If the lines look right to me, I’ll shoot something.”

Much of Yenofsky’s photography work can be seen here.


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