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“Yamashita Tomohisa Route 66,” Episode 7

Here’s the seventh episode of Japanese television’s “Yamashita Tomohisa Route 66,” which chronicles the singer and actor’s trip down the Mother Road last fall.

This installment takes him from Amarillo to Gallup, N.M. It looks like a side trip to Monument Valley is coming up on the next episode.


One thought on ““Yamashita Tomohisa Route 66,” Episode 7

  1. Susan Yates

    I love this guy! He’s gotten right into the rhythm of the road. He’s thinking about his past, considering his future, and taking such joy from a beautiful sunset or a good taco. So glad the subtitles are available. We can guess what going on when he’s doing something but its his monologues in the truck that are so interesting. So are the exchanges with Lily Franky, especially the one in this episode. I could tell from the hand gestures, smiles, and laughter of the crew that they were talking about women. How funny to read that Franky was explaining to the younger Tomohisa about the “breast age” and the “butt age” of men. I wouldn’t have worked that out without the subtitles. Thanks again, Ron, for posting these links.

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