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Faces of Route 66 in Illinois

Pounds Media recently videotaped interviews with several Route 66 veterans for Central Illinois Tourism and the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway.

Today, several of those clips were posted on the Internet. First is Ernie Edwards, longtime owner of the Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadwell, Ill.:

Nick Adam, longtime owner of the Ariston Cafe in Litchfield, Ill.:

Phil Becker of theĀ Ambler-Becker Texaco Station in Dwight, Ill.:

Bill Shea of the Route 66 Gas Station Museum in Springfield, Ill.:

Jim Jones of the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum in Pontiac:

Betty Estes, also of the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum.

I’m glad this is being done. In its own way, it’s preserving a slice of history of the Mother Road.

UPDATE: Pounds Media took the videos to private mode shortly after I posted them. According a direct message from its Twitter account, the company didn’t mean to make them public, and wanted their clients to review the videos first. The videos were public on the Internet for about 10 hours.


2 thoughts on “Faces of Route 66 in Illinois

    1. Ron Warnick Post author

      I think the password is only for that account. Hopefully, Pounds Media will lift their self-imposed embargo soon.

      This is the second time in a year that I’ve posted videos from a video or PR company that didn’t know the videos were public on the Internet for hours.

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