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Fundraising campaign launched for 66 Motel sign

Ed Klein of Route 66 World wants to restore the historic neon sign at the 66 Motel in Needles, Calif., to its former glory. So he’s launched a Indiegogo fundraising drive at the Indiegogo site.

Klein explained:

The 66 Motel sign in Needles CA is one of THE most iconic signs along the famed highway. And after doing several other restoration projects, this one was long overdue. The restoration itself will be a simple process – paint, light bulbs, neon, transformers and electrical work to get it lit up again.

The paint and materials will be covered by me. I have already started work on the sign by scraping, cleaning, painting, removing all the broken neon and light bulbs, and pulled transformers and all the old ‘bad’ wiring.

The fundraiser is mostly for the replacement of the neon lights / glass, the transformers, and the electrical work to get it to ‘light up the night sky’ like it did over 15 years ago!

It’s hoped that the restoration of the sign will persuade the owners of the property to reopen it to overnight travelers. For now, the seven-unit 66 Motel is being used as apartments.

Klein wants to raise $3,600 by April 18. And a number of Route 66-related businesses have donated goods to Klein so he can use them as gifts for those who donate above a certain threshold.

4 thoughts on “Fundraising campaign launched for 66 Motel sign

  1. Frances Freeman-Johnson

    Wow! Thanks, I’ll be sending my $ – It’s a beautiful sign! Thanks for noticing and doing something to preserve it!

  2. Sara Nelson

    The 66 Motel in Needles was owned at one time by my grandparents. Our family would love to be involved. Please let me know how we can help!

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