Angel runs deep

I confess: I gasped when I saw this ad and who was featured:

In case you’re unfamiliar, he’s Angel Delgadillo, the “Guardian Angel of Route 66” in Seligman, Ariz.

The ad was shot by Proving Ground Productions of Mesa, Ariz., over a two-day period in November as a part of the Route 66 video contest by Chevrolet. The ad didn’t make it to the quarterfinals.

According to Proving Ground co-owner Ryan Atwood, Chevrolet hasn’t committed to eventually airing the ad. But it hasn’t exactly said no, either.

“We’ll put it out there and see what happens,” he said.

And, yes, that’s country-music star Trace Adkins doing to voice-over near the end. Atwood said he was a last-minute addition to the production.

21 thoughts on “Angel runs deep

  1. If only Chevy would run commercials like this all across the country, a whole series on Route 66, each one different, from tourists renting new Cameros driving the route, to veterans returning home driving classic old Chevy’s, to Corvette clubs and hot rods, even new pickups doing restoration work… Chevrolet & Route 66 – We Run Deep!

  2. In a heartbeat, I echo Emily’s tidings to Angel…A fitting envoy to pledge homage to America’s Mother Road in honor of Chevrolet’s centennial. Powered by tradition from the legendary Main Street to Main Stream Media, this ad is destined to travel beyond the lens. Trust GM is listening!

  3. Very classy commercial. I don’t have a clue why they wouldn’t want to run it. It shows their product in a very favorable light, and Mr. Delgadillo’s old truck demonstrates the longevity of it. It would make me look at Chevrolet the next time I’m in the market for a car. It was a very great institutional type of ad–not model specific, but it certainly generates a very positive impression of the company overall.

  4. That is awesome! Loving genuine people in Seligman Az. Especially my favarites The Well known Delgadillos! Loving people!!!

  5. WOW! This is great…knowing the Delgadillos has been one of the joys in my life and this man is truly exceptional!

  6. Angel is truly an Angel. He always has time to talk to you.
    BTW, I have a 68 Chevy truck with 256,000 miles and still runs strong.

  7. Uncle Angel you did a great job and I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to show this. Your a great man and I am proud to be your niece.

    1. I met Angel and Mo on May 9,2012 and haven’t touched ground yet. Their enthusiasm for Rt. 66 is contagious. Chevy ought to “catch the fever” and feature a lot of the small towns on Rt. 66 and let locals share their stories and show their Chevys.

  8. Chevy and Route 66 are an American Tradition. This classic snip warms my heart and makes me proud. I wish they’d run it!

  9. Just got back from Seligman with my wife Frances and daughter Frances Joyce. My wife’s father was Angel’s cousin, I have to say that I have never met more friendly people in my whole life. Angel is one of a kind and Seligman is like going back to the Good’ole days. Chevrolet would be doing itself proud to run this commercial.

  10. To be proud of being a Delgadillo. yes sir! To be proud of cousin Angel. You bet we are. All thirteen cousins that left Seligman in the 30s. I am so proud of cousin Angel and to have being born in Seligman. GREAT! We have not heard or seen it all. We just have to watch Angel in the Super Bowl Commercial

  11. This is so cool! We love Angel and his family, they are all terrific people. We love to get our Kicks on Route 66 when ever we can. Angel and all we hope to see you soon.

  12. Awesome! I have had the honor of meeting Angel and his family several times. Wonderful people!

  13. Just like the old commerical “SEE THE USA IN YOUR CHEVROLET.Especially Seligman Arizona.Angel we love you.

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