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Route 66 documentary will play at Dubuque film festival

Jim Luning’s “Route 66 — Ten Years Later” documentary has been selected for this weekend’s Julien Film Fest in Dubuque, Iowa.

Here’s the revamped trailer:

The film will screen at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Holiday Inn in town, and at 11:30 a.m. Sunday at The Hub. A map of the venues can be found here.

A synopsis of the film:

“Route 66 – Ten Years Later” is a road trip film based on a book about Route 66 that writer Tim Steil and photographer Jim Luning had made in the late 90’s. With the ten-year anniversary of that project approaching, the two decided to hit the road again and see what had changed in the last decade. Recapturing those past magical moments and jaw-dropping awe they experienced the first trip proved much harder that anticipated. Road trips always open your eyes to something new; sometimes that something new is inside you and not outside the windows.

Scenery, conversations with iconic figures, banter, laughs, frustration and tears, it’s all in the 54 minutes that is “Route 66 – Ten Years Later.”

Steil and Luning’s excellent book can be purchased here.

UPDATE: In an email, Luning said:

I’ve finally tweaked it as far as the footage and story will allow…The audio has been fixed as much as it can be, color grading has been worked on, a couple scenes have been added to help the story and other technical issues have been worked out. It’s been remastered as they say. […]

It’s going to be available online for streaming soon…Vimeo for sure, and most likely youtube as well. It’s taken this long for me to have time and motivate to do the revisions…at this point I kinda want to put the hard drives in a lead box and bury them so I leave it alone and let the film be out there.


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